Playful Movement

We were meant to enjoy movement – to play, run, jump, swing, swim and more. As kids, we would play – we didn’t really think of it as exercise. But it was. Sadly, many adults now view exercise as one more chore – I have to go to the gym, I have to get my 10,000 steps in. We rarely move just for the pure love of movement. Generally, we’re not extremely motivated when we have to do anything. But that can change!

Our bodies function best when they are moving. It’s healthy to have the muscles in your body moving, pumping blood throughout your body. Our lymph system is pumped by moving the muscles of the body. Working muscles use the fuel we eat. Joints are lubricated by moving them. Every part of the human body relies on movement for it to function. Good movement feels good, that’s the reward for moving! The better you feel, the more you move and create your own personal reward.

But, if you don’t move regularly, your body struggles to function, and eventually movement that should feel good starts to feel hard, so it becomes less and less movement. A downward spiral, leading to declining health, energy and strength. Luckily, you can work to reverse this.

First, work on starting to see movement and exercise as a fun reward. Find something you enjoy! Don’t measure the movement in terms of how many calories burned, steps taken… but in just the pure enjoyment of doing it.

You say you don’t enjoy any movement? Okay, try seeing it has an opportunity to be outside, go for a walk, listen to the sounds of nature, the city – whatever makes you happy. Go to a park and play on the equipment, and remember the joy of playing as as a kid. Find a yoga class and just enjoy the freedom that comes from being barefoot and moving without competition. The kid inside you still exists! Let them out by moving, playing, strengthening – just because you love your body!