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Just Like You

I know first-hand how being on your smart phone, sitting at a desk all day, driving, and even watching TV can cripple the body! I invite you to join me to undo everything from tech-neck to aching feet – and we’ll work on those other problem areas too like abs, your low back, shoulders and hips, hamstrings and ankles.

Yoga postures, breath work, Ortho-Bionomy® self-care techniques and props are all rolled into a fun class that will have you feeling stronger and more relaxed.

My Journey

I started practicing yoga 10 years ago as a way to gain flexibility after ankle surgery and a broken leg. I kept practicing because I could touch my toes again! I found that I was calmer and less stressed. My asthma disappeared, and I wasn’t always sick with whatever office bug was going around.

The more I learned about the postures, the more I wanted to learn. I graduated from Mindful Alignment Teacher Training with Joanie Barrett in January 2016 as a 200-Hour RYT. I enrolled just to improve my own practice, but along the way I discovered that I could help people just like me who are looking for a path to heal themselves, prevent injury and feel better.

I’ve been sharing what I’ve learned by teaching private classes at Out the Box, and for Penny Farms retirees, as well as a half-hour stand-up yoga class for corporate employees. I teach and take yoga workshops regularly, and I attended Asheville Yoga Fest annually and always find something new to bring back to my students in Jacksonville. I am currently a student of Ortho-Bionomy massage in need of hands-on practice – so I’m always looking for volunteers in need of a FREE body work!

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