Sarah Wolf

Sarah Wolf (RYT200) is a a long time yogi who is passionate about mobility. “I feel very strongly that if you don’t move it you lose it,” she says. With a history in social services and fitness, yoga has been a natural fit for Sarah. “I use skills from my previous experiences, combined with humor, to inspire people to keep on moving, and to learn to breathe and focus through the challenges of daily life. Yoga is the tonic that helps keep balance in life.”

In Sarah’s classes, she focuses on taking time to breathe, laugh and move, so her students can find focus, strength and mobility. Yoga is a weight-bearing practice that can influence every aspect of how you feel. “I am constantly learning and growing in order to help my students continue to move. I am passionate about teaching both mind body and beginners classes.” Sarah is also available for private yoga lessons. 

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