Beginners Yoga Workshop

Learn to reduce stress, improve mobility, and learn the basics of a yoga class and practice!
The gentle practice of Yoga can improve your life in these ways…and more!
Learn how!  Join Sarah for an afternoon of instruction covering the basics. 
The workshop will cover the language, props, and structure of a yoga class.
Choose from our three dates:
•  February 8, 2020
•  March 14, 2020
•  April 25, 2020
12 pm – 3 pm
$50 per person
Preregistration is required, as class size limited to six.

Please Register at 904-385-0039.

Experiment with Experience

An Interactive Workshop Series: Utilizing Body Movement Principles

Are you curious how the body works? Optimal functionality? Stability? Mobility? Painless? Corrective therapies? Join Joanie and Koryn for this incredibly helpful series and learn to move from the core of your being – with purpose!

• Learn key concepts on body movement principles
• Identify your anatomical position and neutral spine all day
• Efficient body mechanics and effective movement patterns
• Self-care techniques to provide ease and equal effort
• Ortho-Bionomy exercises alongside traditional asana


2/29 12-2pm
Discovering Hip-Hinge: Learn a Key Concept in flowing through asanas – the Mindful Hip-Hinge

4/18 12-2pm
Understanding Thoracic Extension: Identify your skeletal alignment & muscular control to support in optimum T-spine and shoulder health

6/13 12-2pm
Creating Thoracic Rotation: Build a healthy relationship with rear rotation – Baby Got Strong Back Body!

8/8 12-2pm
Appreciating arms & Shoulders: Exploration in body mechanics of the very important arm lines

10/10 12-2pm
Learning Legs & Hips: Support the ankles and knees through understanding pelvis anatomy in movement

12/12 12-2pm
Powerful Principles: A complete guide on postural alignment and body awareness and move from the core of your being.

$50 for each class, or $250 for all six 

Start Your Yoga Practice Today!

Coming Soon:

Self-Care Workshop: Therapy Balls


Roll away pain in your neck, shoulders, back, hips and feet with OTB teacher Ginger Jewell. Learn how to use therapy balls:

  • To reduce & prevent pain
  • To improve performance
  • With yoga and other fitness routines

Take home your own set of therapy balls and new knowledge about using them to reduce and prevent pain & improve performance.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing that exposes arms & legs.

Cost: $55 includes a set of therapy balls you keep, $40 if you bring your own

Reserve your spot! Call 904-385-0039 or email .