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What is Yoga?

The Sanskrit word YOGA means to join, to unite, or to attach.

The body, the mind, the heart are not separate, as is the same with the physical and the mental. They are joined together as part of the whole being. Simply put, yoga is a practice of awareness that begins internally and then extends externally towards others.

In the physical, we practice yoga poses to strengthen us in our weak areas and lengthen in our tight areas, thereby creating a strong and efficient physical body.

In the mental, we practice yoga to allow us a deeper awareness into our thoughts, our actions, and our character. Within our hearts and minds, we strengthen where we are weak, lengthen where we are tight, and let go where we hold on.

In a typically yoga session or class, you will move through asanas (the Sanskrit word for yoga postures or poses) while connecting your pranayama (the Sanskrit word for breath). By connecting your movement with your breath one is able to focus on the body and create an internal awareness for strengthening and stretching.

Usually Yoga is practiced with a mat on the floor, but can be modified for those who may need use of a chair. There are numerous props that can be used to assist during Yoga practice to create proper form in the body during poses or postures. Yoga encourages practitioners to start somewhere, no matter where that may be with regards to fitness level.

Our Classes

Out the Box Mind Body Studio has partnered with Bliss Yoga and Wellness to provide our group fitness and yoga classes to the general public. Be sure to check out our OTB calendar for the Mat Pilates group fitness class schedule as well as for a complete Yoga schedule. We also offer one-on-one, small group, and private large-group (up to 8 participants) Yoga classes. Contact us at 904-210-6035 for pricing information or to schedule your own private session or class.